What Kind Of Nail Care Services These Tools Are Being Used For…

What kind of nail care services these tools are being used for?
Foot spa basin
Paraffin wax
Foot file
Pumice stone
Finger bowl​

Answer:NAIL CARE TOOLS, MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENTSTOOLS – are used in nail care services which are durable or permanent and are hand-held.  These are also referred to as implements.Callous Remover is a tool designed to strip off calluses and corns.Cuticle Nail Pusher is a tool used to push back and loosen the cuticles.Cuticle Nipper is a tool used to cut the cuticles.Cuticle Scissor is an implement to cut stubborn cuticles.Manicure Tray is a flat container where all the necessary tools and implements are placed.Finger or Manicure Bowl is a small bowl used for soaking the fingers to soften the cuticles.Foot file is made of metal or sandpaper, with a rough file on one side to remove calluses and a fine file on the other to smoothen the feet.Foot Spa Basin is a large rectangular container used for bathing and soaking the feet when giving a pedicure.Manicure Nail Brush is a plastic handled brush with nylon bristles used to clean dirt and cosmetic residue from the nail surface and skin.Mixing bowl is a small open-top, rounded cup-like container used for mixing the aromatic oils and other fluids for the hand or foot spa.Nail Buffer is an implement used for smoothening and polishing the nails.Nail Cutter / Nail Clipper / Nail Trimmer is a hand tool made of metal, used to trim fingernails and toenails.Nail File is used to shape the free edges of the nail with the coarse sideand bevel the nail with the finer side.Orangewood Stick is an implement with pointed and rounded ends to removeexcess polish.Pedicure Nail Brush is a tool used to remove cosmetics and cleanse nails.Plastic Container for Cotton is a small receptacle for cotton balls.

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