What Is The Best Slogan About "MateREALIZE: Syntesizing Ideas. E…

What is the best slogan about “MateREALIZE: Syntesizing Ideas. Extracting knowledge. Firging Science Clubbers as Agent of Innovation

Not really the best slogan out there but just my own idea heh

   “Syndicating the Humanity and ameliorating the society for an outdo on inventions”

Have a buoyant Saturday

My own slogan: actualize, visualize , and realize. Let’s synthesize and extract!! Combine our ideas to come up with a good method. Contriving us to be the deputy to the modern ideas for the alliance, let us stand to the peak, thus we can synthesize to intensify the modernization of earth, let us support mother earth through researching newly inventions !!!!!! .. 🙂

Nehemiah Tabanao

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Nehemiah Tabanao

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Science clubbers fair notes guide ase awesome most. Andrea: september 2014. Nehemiah tabanao

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