Week 1-3 INSTRUCTIONS: Read The Informational Text And Create A Graphic O…

Week 1-3 INSTRUCTIONS: Read the informational text and create a graphic organizer according to the type of text it is. Write your answer on the box provided

All crocodilians are reptiles with long snouts, long tails, four short legs, tough skin, and sharp teeth. Members of the crocodilian family include alligators, crocodiles, caimans, and gavials. Crocodilians live in warm weather throughout the year and they spend part of their time in the water and part of their time on land. Almost all crocodilians grow to be very large, with the largest more than twenty feet long. There are two kinds of alligators, 14 kinds of crocodiles, eight kinds of caimans, and one kind of gavial.






four circles are arranged in the shape of a circle

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