The Supreme Pupil Goverment Agreed To Solicit Money From The Barangay Officia…

the supreme pupil goverment agreed to solicit money from the barangay officials for an activity. The president solicited Php 1838.50 from the Brgy. Captain, Brgy. Treasurer and Brgy. Secretary respectively. If they spend Php 552.75 for the printing on the letter, how much was left to be used for the activity?

1) What is asked in the problem?

2) What are the given facts?

3) What operations are needed to solve the problem?

4) What is the number sentence needed to solve the problem?

5) What is the solution?

6) What is the final answer?

paanswer po, thanks! :D​


1. How much was left to be used for the activity

2.Php1838.50 solited by president

Php552.75 spend of treasurer and secretary for printing


4-5. php1838.50

– php552.75



6. php1285.75 was left for president solicited


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