Ito Po Yung Guidelines Greetings In The Name Of Truth! For Your Next Pape…

Ito po yung guidelines

greetings in the name of truth!

for your next paper, write an essay reflecting the main question

“if god exists, why does he allow evil?”

is writing your paper, the following guide questions may help you..

What is the meaning of my life?

Do I want to become happy?

What then is my happiness?

Can i find happiness in god?

Do I believe in god?

What makes me believe in God?

Why do i believe in God?

What are the natures and attributes of God?

Where does my belief in god come from?

Does it come from my religious parents, tradition, and culture?

What are my proofs that God exists?

If god exists, can he do all things, know all things and is he all good?..

If god exists, why does he allow evil?

What is evil? What are the examples of evilness?

Is evil necessary? If so, what is the purpose of evil?

Is god able to eliminate evil?

Is he willing to eliminate evil?

If god loves me, why does he allow me to experience pain and suffering?

How can i trust god if he allows me to experience the difficulties in life?

How can i believe in god despite my unanswered prayers?

Where can i find meaning, how do i find meaning from all the sufferings and pain i experience?

How about the other people, if we claim that god is merciful, kind, just, loving, and helpful, why does he allow other people to be killed, raped, abused, tortured, meet accident, be a victim of calamity? Do they deserve such fate, if not, why is it that god is not there in times of need?

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Where and how can i find meaning in all of these?..

Minimum of 1,500 words, arial 12 single-spaced, to be encoded and printed on a short coupon bond.. submission will be a week from the time i gave the paper.. PLAGIARIZE AND YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO WRITE THE NEXT PAPER!.. (aside from getting 5.0!)

Write a good paper with a good title..

cheers and good luck guys :))

I think this movie can help you to make that essay “God’s not Dead 1”
God bless☺

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