Directions: What Will Be Your Stand On The Following Opinions? Choose The Letter Of…

Directions: What will be your stand on the following opinions? Choose the
letter of the BEST answer.
1. I believe that family is the foundation of a child’s personality.
A. I agree, the behavior a child shows are the reflection of
his/her family.
I disagree, the child’s behavior is based on his interactions
outside the house.
I agree, voluntarily the child develops a different habit as
he grows up.
2. In my opinion, parents should love and protect their child.
A. I disagree because some parents cannot do their
B. I’agree because it is a parents’ responsibility to love and
protect their child.
C. I agree because parents must put their children in a bad
3. I think every child must learn from their mistakes.
A. I disagree because it’s okay to make mistakes because
they’re still young.
B. I disagree because we should always aim for perfection.
C. I agree because mistakes are part of life lessons are learned
from them.
norents love them. A.​






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