A. Read The Statements Carefully. Write TRUE If The Statement Is Correct And FALSE I…

A. Read the statements carefully. Write TRUE if the statement is correct
and FALSE if it is not.
1. Logo is the product of designer’s creative mind.
2. In drawing a logo sketching is the first thing to do.
3. Following key factors in creating a logo is ineffective.
4. Make many sketches and scribble for your logo.
5. Logo designing is through the use of computers and applications only.
6. Drawing a logo is enjoyable.
7. We can create logos through online applications.
8. Sketching logo design is a way to create a unique logo.
9. Choosing the right color for your logo represents your product message
10. Brainstorming is needed to create effective logo design.​


1. True

2. True

3. False

4. True (not sure)

5. False

6. True

7. True

8. True

9. True

10. True


Hope this helps! Sorry if there will be any errors ☹️

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