1.is The Most Commonly Used Of The Four Attributes. 2.an Important Par…

1.is the most commonly used of the four attributes.
2.an important part of making a poster .
3. is the part of the design that catches the viewers attention.
4. is the property of being close together.
5. is not limited in space.
6. the text color must contrast well with the background color.
7. it can be important beyond one printed product
8.creates space and difference between elements in your design .
9. all of the other elements deal with what you add to your design .
10. the majority of graphics on the web are in GIF format.

A. Graphics
B. White space
C. page size
D. contrast
E. respetition
F. color
G. common poster
H. proximity
I. emphasis
J. layout
K. text


1. j

2. a

3. i

4. h

7. f

8. d

10. b


hope it helps

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