Why NSTP 2 Is Mandatory? Why NSTP Is Important Take In College?

Why NSTP 2 is mandatory?

Why NSTP is important take in college?


community engagement with the help of partner communities and organizations.

to recognize the Youth’s vital role in nation-building


1. The Civic Welfare Training Service course, mandated by Republic Act No. 9163, also known as the National Service Training Act of 2001, seeks to improve students’ civic consciousness “through fostering the principles of service and patriotism” while undertaking Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS). NSTP1 presents themes in large campus sessions that capitalize on students’ excitement and idealism for nation-building, leadership, and civic action. It prepares students for genuine community service in NSTP 2 by combining active reflection in a creative dynamic learning environment.

2. The goal of this program is to acknowledge the importance of youth in nation-building, to raise awareness among young, and to nurture their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being. It will instill patriotism and nationalism in the youth and encourage their participation in public and civic issues. In order to achieve these aims, the nation’s most important resource, the youth, must be inspired, trained, organized, and mobilized in military training, literacy, civic welfare, and/or comparable activities to the nation’s service. The primary role of the government, as stated in RA 9163, is to serve and protect its inhabitants. In turn, it must be the responsibility of all citizens to protect the security of the state, and the government may ask each citizen to provide personal, military, or civil service in order to meet this obligation.

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