What I Have Learned Directions: Fit In Each Blank With The Correct…

What I Have Learned Directions: Fit in each blank with the correct word to complete each statement Do this on a sheet of paper А is how one looks at something. To presenta clear coherent and (2) report on differing viewpoints on an issue you must consider the following 1. Know and (3 about the topic/main Idea 2. Present two or more point of view support reason or basis to these views 3. Bring out the (5 of your view point using all the information as your basis for you to persuade your audience 4. You can also pose a leaving your audience to decide for themselves which point of view they would choose to taka Using a you can identify the main idea followed by supporting details. It works well for you to make sure that you have enough supporting evidence on details before writing. Graphic organizer can be done through (9)​

What can you find in the north of Fifth

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