Try Or False 11. Non-Fictional Prose Contains Realistic Facts Or Opinions Experienced…

try or false
11. Non-Fictional Prose contains realistic facts or opinions experienced by the water or author
12. An example of a Non-Fictienal Prose is long novels
13. Heroic Prose is composed of experiences of here or heroes told by story tellers in a form of
oral or verbal recitation
14. Noli Me Tangere an El Filibusterisms are example of Ilerie Prose
15. A Poison Tree by William Blake is an example of Prose Poetry
16. Getting information could be acquired from other sources which are often useful to have a
readily available document or printed textmedia that explain more to what purpose and services you are
looking for
17. A brochure is a concise, visually appealing document, and well designed, in order to grab the
attention of the viewers.
18. A brochure cannot educate people about a specific program or event.
19. Essay is an example of prose poetry
20. Ballad is an example of prose poetry​


11: true

12: true

13: false

14: false

15: true


yan Lang po ung Alam ko Sana po makatulong

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