Tagalog Fruits 5 Letters End Of Letter A​

tagalog fruits 5 letters end of letter A​


Pinya or Oliba


There are many varieties of fruit that can be named in Tagalog. Sometimes, some fruits can be purchased at the market and others can be planted in the yard.

Different Types of Fruits

1. Citrus

2. Tropical

3. Fruit with seeds

4. Strange fruit

5. Berry

Most of the English named fruits have a Tagalog counterpart in the Philippine language. Below is a list of some fruits with their respective Tagalog counterpart.

Pineapple – Pinya

Sugar apple – Atis

Watermelon – Pakwan

Mango – Mangga

Pomelo – Suha

Now, two of the Tagalog fruits with five letters and end with letter A are Pinya and Oliba.


To learn more about different fruits in the Philippines, access the following links below:




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