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Part III. Problem Solving (4 points per item)

Solve the following problems. Refer to the rubrics for scoring)

1. The Freshman Convention was held at the activity center with 12 567

seats. If 120 seats were not occupied. How many seats were occupied?

2. The price of a dress originally costs ₱ 980.00. If the price marked down by

35%, how much was the new price?

3. How many pieces of ribbon can you cut from 10 meters, if each piece is 4

cm long?

4. Peter bought 3/4 kg of corn bits. He repacked this into 1/8 kg. each. How

many packs of corn bits was he able to make?

5. Mary’s father harvested 2 150 mangoes on Monday and 2 350 on Tuesday.

He divided the mangoes among his 10 children. How many mangoes did

each child get?

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  1. 12447 seats
  2. ₱637
  3. 250 pieces
  4. 6 packs
  5. 450 mangoes
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