"Most Children Nowadays Do Not Study. There Are Different Reasons Why They Do Not Like T…

“Most children nowadays do not study. There are different reasons why they
do not like to read their books or notes. The most common reason is the presence
of Internet. They indulged too much in playing computer games and attending to
different social media. They have forgotten their responsiblities in school and the
value of education. If parents will not limit their children from using the internet,
they might only suffer in the end.
Guide Questions:
1. What is the issue?
2. Do you agree with the article read?
3. What is your opinion about it?
4. What are your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing on it?
5. Share your personal experiences and readings about it
6. What lesson would you want people to know?
(Write your essay here.)​

1. Most children nowdays do not study

2. Yes

3. The articles says the fact, because of the internet children did not study even reading books so, the parents must teach there children about the effect of internet

4. I agree, that parents have give limitations of using the internet for there children

5. I’m in Grade 7 right now, and i admit that i over using Internet. Sometimes i forgot to do my modules and sometimes i don’t want to join the online classes that my teacher create… then i realize that if i have limitations about using Internet i can do my responsibilities in doing modules and others important in school

6. As a student i want people to know that if they are using Internet do not over do it, they have to do is limit of using it

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In number 6 that is my answer sorry because it’s too short