Learning Task 9: Read And Reflect On The Message Of The Poem Below. In Your Noteb…

Learning Task 9: Read and reflect on the message of the poem below. In your notebook, create your own images (one real and one make-believe images) related to the poem that you read. Consider the indicators in the rubric in making your illustrations. To help you in appreciating the poem, here is a list to unlock difficulties: epistle = letter gung-ho =excited rucksacks = backpack rendezvous = meeting place aficionado = fan, supporter Epistle from Mother Earth by Maricon V. Estrellado Four billions of years ago, when I was born in the midst of the vast blanket of the unknown, I was really gung-ho when human babies were born to make me as their beloved home. My oceans are like gigantic rucksacks of foods, goods and treasures for your pleasures. My trees extend their canopies bearing fruits and giving comfy shades for your siestas and rests. My highland-spots near the outstretched curtains of bluish sky become your rendezvous of socialization and a series of “hi” I became an aficionado of anthropology as I witness how you adapt and evolve through these years. There just something that bothers me, an appeal of mutualism between you and me. Can you be aficionados of environmentalism too?​



Drawing po kayo ng Baby sulat nyo po dun real tas yung make-believe at drawing po kayo ng 1 month old baby na naglalakad


Eto po yung sakin 😉


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