Learning Task 3: Visualize And Solve The Problem. 1. Aling Sol Wanted…

Learning Task 3: Visualize and solve the problem.

1. Aling Sol wanted to redesign her old wooden box with a dimension of 20 cm
long, 5 cm high and 4 cm wide. She will be using a decorative sticker paper
to cover and to make it look new. How much sticker papers will be needed?

2. Mrs. Hernandez made a cylindrical pencil holder. It has a height of 5 inches
and a diameter of 4 inches. How much material does she need to make her
pencil holder? Use n = 3.14


1. The problem is asking how much sticker paper will be needed to cover and to make the wooden box looks new. To find the answer, you have to use the formula in finding the volume of a rectangular prism which is V = L × W × H, where L is the length, W is the width and H is the height.


length – 20 cm

width – 4 cm

height – 5 cm


V = 20 cm × 4 cm × 5 cm

= 400 cm³

2. The problem is asking how much materials does Mrs. Hernandez needs to make her pencil holder. To find the answer, use the formula in finding the volume of a cylinder which is V = πr²h, where π is equal to 3.14, r is the radius or half of the diameter, and h is the height.


diameter – 4 inches

height – 5 inches


Since the given is the diameter, divide it by 2 to get the radius.

V = (3.14) (4 inches ÷ 2)² (5 inches)

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= (3.14) (2 inches)² (5 inches)

= (3.14) (4 inches²) (5 inches)

= 12.56 inches² (5 inches)

= 62.8 inches³

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