Learning Task 3: A. My Advocacy Board In Your Answer Sheet, Make Your Own…

Learning Task 3:

A. My Advocacy Board

In your answer sheet, make your own Advocacy thru your own reflection with the following considerations:

a. One of the causes of extinction of species is disease or epidemics.

b. How are you going to relate it to our present situation?

c. Will human beings become extinct too because of diseases and pandemics?

d. What program or projects would you like to propose to avoid the extinction?

e. Once you are finished with your Advocacy Board, you are free to beautify it like placing borders or margin designs or highlighting in color the program you have made.​​



COVID-19 has caused a worldwide pandemic affecting all parts of the United States.

Where We Stand

ACP is advocating for steps the administration, Congress, state governments and private sector stakeholders can take to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and bring the pandemic under control.

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