Do Answer Learning Task 1 LEARNING TASK 1: Match Column A With Column B. Write On…

Do answer Learning Task 1

LEARNING TASK 1: Match column A with column B. Write only the letter of

the correct answer on your answer sheet.


___1. You are tasked to remove the rust on larger tools such

as shovels, spades, and hoes that you will use for your garden,

which tool will you choose?

A. Wire Brush

Ipapasa ang output o sagot ng mga

mag-aaral ng kanilang magulang sa

paaralan o sa lugar na

napagkasunduan ayon sa itinakdang

araw at oras ng guro.

*sa pagpunta ng mga magulang sa

paaralan o sa lugar na

pinagkasunduan ay mahigpit na

ipatutupad ang minimum health

protocols ng DOH at IATF

Sa panahon ng pag-aaral ng bata ay

maaring makipag-ugnayan ang guro

upang maisagawa ang pasalitang

pagtatanong sa mag-aaral kung ang

aralin ay nasundan at naiintindihan

List of Output Needed To Retrieved:


1. Learning Task 1

___2. Your father asked you to lend him a tool that is ideal to

use to keep all of the cutting edges of your garden tools

honed. Which tool will you lend him?

B. old toothbrush

___3. This is used to remove stubborn rust from small tools. C. Bench vise

___4. You need to sharpen the blade of your knife to cut a

stem of your plant but you find it hard to sharpen the blade

using whetstone on one hand, and holding the blade on the

other. Which tool do you think will help you stabilize the

blade at a certain angle?

D. Whetstone

___5. You need to oil the already rusted joint of your sheers

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but you do not have available brush to use for it. Which can

you use instead of buying a small brush?










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