Are 6(4b+3d) And 24b+3d Equivalent

are 6(4b+3d) and 24b+3d equivalent

[tex] SOLUTION:[/tex]

[tex]6(4b + 3d)[/tex]

*Multiply each term in the parenthesis by 6*

[tex]6 \times 4b + 6 \times 3d[/tex]

*Calculate the product*

[tex]24b + 6 \times 3d[/tex]

*Calculate the product*

[tex]24b + 18d[/tex]

[tex] ANSWER: No[/tex]

No, because when you simplify 6(4b + 3d), it will be 24b + 18d and it is not the same as 24b + 3d.

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