Activity1: For Rinas Birthday, Mother Biught A Cake At P200, 4 Gallons Of Ice Cream At P…

For rinas birthday, mother biught a cake at P200, 4 gallons of ice cream at P350 each and cookies worth P225.5. she bought with her 2 P1000 bills. How much was left for of her money?

1.) How much will mother pay for 4 gallons of ice cream?
2.) How much will she pay for a cake, 4 gallons of ice cream and cookies?
3.) How much money did mother bring with her?
4.) How much money left to her after paying all the items?


1. 4 gallons of ice is worth Php.1,400 since each gallons cost php350


2. cake=php.200

4 gallons of ice cream=php.1400




3.she brought 2 php.1000 bill = php.2000

4. 2000-1825.5= 174.5


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