A. Determine The Area Of The Following Plane Geometric Figures…

A. Determine the area of the following plane geometric figures. 1. 3. 5. ¹48 m 29 cm 63 dm 38 m 27 cm 2. 6. 12 m 22 m 25 m 34 cm 16 m of the shaded regions in the following plane geometric figures.​


At the moment, I do not have access to the visual information required to solve the problems. However, I can provide the formulas for finding the area of the given plane geometric figures:

1. Rectangles: Area = length x width

2. Triangles: Area = (base x height) / 2

3. Trapezoids: Area = [(base 1 + base 2) / 2] x height

4. Circles: Area = πr^2, where π is approximately equal to 3.14 and r is the radius of the  circle.

To find the area of a shaded region, you need to subtract the area of the unshaded region from the total area of the figure.

Note: Make sure to convert all measurements to the same unit before calculating the area.

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