6.The Following Applies CASUAL Style Of Communication EXCEPT: A. M…

6.The following applies CASUAL style of communication EXCEPT:

A. Mr. Russel is talking to his friend on his take on the recent fare hike.

B. The students are discussing on the lesson during their break time.

C. Students are having debate on “academic freeze” for this school year.

D. Group of passengers are arguing on the fare increase.

7. The following applies FROZEN style of communication EXCEPT:

A. The church leader is facilitating a wedding ceremony.

B. Grade 9 students are reciting Panunumpa sa Katapatan sa Watawat ng Pilipinas.

C. Barangay officials are taking their oath of office a month after their proclamation.

D. Miss Kalinga is presenting her advocacy on cultural preservation during the Miss Universe Philippines press conference.

8. The Following applies CONSULTATIVE style of communication EXCEPT:

A. A student has sought the assistance of the guidance counsellor.

B. Mr. X has informed his neighbor on putting up a restaurant.

C. The teacher has clarified the issue to the school principal.

D. The applicants have asked the manager on the schedule of the final interview.

9. Which situation shows an INTIMATE style of communication?

A. The travel agent has suggested Miss Y to cancel her trip to Batanes.

B. The president of organization presented the proposal to his subordinates.

C. The couple had a conversation about their future plan.

D. The police officer confronted the suspect about the crime.

10. Which situation shows a FORMAL style of communication?

A. The employer discussed the company policies to the newly hired workers.

B. The flight attendant reminded the passengers to mind their belongings before they get off the plane.

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C. The tour guide greeted the mountaineers as they start their hike.

D. The seller entertained the costumer regarding the item.








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