16. Which Of The Following Statements Ia Biased? A. Christians And Muslims Could B…

16. Which of the following statements ia biased?
a. Christians and Muslims could become friends,
b. Men are good in Mathematics while women are good in Language
c. He is a competent nurse.
d. My manager, Mr. Dela Cruz, just had his 50. birthday
17. Which of the following statements is NOT biased?
a. OFWs are all rich people.
b. The survey respondents were almost family members of miners and the
result was ninety percent was in favor to open the mining industries
c. When the popular celebrity couple had an argument, the reporter only
interviewed the wife and didn’t get the side of the husband.
d. Mrs. Rio sometimes requires too much of her employees.
18. “Male Engineering students are better than their female counterparts”.
This statement is an example of which type of bias?
a. Race Bias
b. Gender Bias
c. Age Bias
d. Political Bias
19. Which of the following statements is biased in race?
a. The Americans are more beautiful than the Asians.
b. Doctor of Medicine is for men while Nursing is for women.
c. Older politicians are better in management than the younger ones.
d. The members of the opposition are enemies of the government.
20. Why do we need to avoid any form of biases?
a. Bias reflects who we are,
b. Bias gives you success in life.
c. Bias leads to discrimination and no one wants to feel discriminated.
d. Bias could not be avoided so, we need to live with it.​

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16. c

17. b

18. b

19. a

20. c

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