11-Read Each Statement Carefully And Write The Word TRUE If The St…

11-Read each statement carefully and write the word TRUE if the statement is correct and write the word FALSE if otherwise.
1. Stance refers to someone’s way of acting
2. Oral language is a system through which we use spoken words to express knowledge, ideas and feelings.
3. Oral language is similar with daily oral language.
4. Behavior is a way by which someone stands.
5. There are six (6) Oral Language Components.
6. Pragmatics refers to the understanding of social rules of communication.
7. Syntax means knowing when to speak or not.
8. The functional understanding of grammar rules and the order of words refers to syntax.
9. Vocabulary is all about knowing the meaning of words so that we can communicate the idea we mean.
10. Morphology and phonology are the same oral language components.​


1. True






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